Teaching Young Minds, Preparing Young Hearts


Holy Trinity Lutheran School offers a loving and caring setting where the whole child is nurtured and developed: socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Holy Trinity has a family atmosphere in which Christian values are taught and reinforced. Students are challenged to use their God- given talents to the fullest, both as individuals and in cooperation with others. Holy Trinity provides a quality education with high standards and high achievements within the environment of Christian love and concern. God’s Word is the foundation and Jesus Christ is the focus of the Christian education offered.


Preschool is a special time for children and for parents, too. Our focus is sharing God’s love with children and their families. While your children are growing academically, they will also be learning the Christian values they need to succeed in life: confidence, respect for others, cooperation, honesty, sharing, and kindness. Our program builds a strong educational foundation through caring teachers and rich academic experiences. We love to support your families unique needs, so we provide a wide-range of options for our preschool families. We offer morning preschool Monday through Friday. You are able to choose which days work best with your family’s schedule. Our 3 year old program is a minimum of two days per week. Our 4 year program is a minimum of 3 days per week.


The Childcare Program exists to assist families with physical, educational, and social support in a Christian environment beyond school hours and on most weekdays when school is not in session. Childcare consists of educational opportunities and includes stories, crafts, free play, and more. All school aged children K-8th are welcome! Register by emailing preschool@holytrinity-wels.net

Is Your Child Thriving?

As parents, we want what’s best for our children, so they can thrive in all areas of life. We want them to have a well-rounded education with opportunities to compete in sports, perform in a school play, and explore their creativity through art and music.

But our children need more than education and extracurriculars to thrive. Our children need friends and mentors who encourage and support them. They need to know they are created special with unique talents, abilities, and futures.

They need to know how much God loves them.

Thriving at Holy Trinity Lutheran


School isn’t just a place for students; it’s a place for families. At Holy Trinity, we love having our parents involved in the education of their children through volunteering, chaperoning, coaching, and family events. Most importantly, you’ll find support from our faculty and fellow parents as you raise your family.


The heart of our program is sharing Christ’s love with our families and our community. Beyond Bible stories and chapel services, His grace guides our days. We start and end our day with prayer, seek to serve Him in all our interactions, and learn about the world grounded in the truths of His Word.


Everyone knows your name at Holy Trinity! As a small school, we’re able to give our students and their families personalized attention inside and outside the classroom. Students thrive when they feel known, seen, and appreciated for who God created them to be.

Over 50 Years of Serving Our Community

At Holy Trinity, we strive to provide excellence in every program. As a private school, we have worked hard to ensure that excellence.

We are proud to be a part of the Grand Rapids community since 1964.

Come Visit Us at Holy Trinity!

The best way to see if Holy Trinity is right for your child is to come for a tour. You can visit our classrooms, see our facility, meet our principal, and see our school in action.

Holy Trinity is preparing my children to be a light in the world through the practice they have by working with one another.

— Christina C.